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everyone I talk to at school says that I’m more of a performance artist whether or not they’ve directly seen my performance shit that makes me really happy I like having that brand on me. 

sad cyclops plate

sad cyclops plate

kubrick stares into the night

kubrick stares into the night

chillin out procrastinating whatever who cares

chillin out procrastinating whatever who cares

I’m watching American Horror Story: Asylum cause you know why not I heard there was the gay in it I’m all about the gay I’m all about Sarah Paulson but yo Zachary Quinto I trusted you even though I read the spoilers. Why you gotta do this. Strong eyebrowed people gotta stick together. 


Sleater-Kinney - Bury Our Friends (2014)

Sleater-Kinney are coming back from the dead to save the world

Sigh. I wonder why I’m this way and why every day I wish I was dead literally it’s every day its never ending what I’d wrong with me why can’t I just accept everything and live

i wonder if people notice that I do not make eye contact like ever. That’s something I wouldn’t notice someone doing. I don’t notice a lot of things. Do people have conversations with me and then think “wow she did not look me in the eye once” maybe they think I’m blind


poll: should I get rid of my mohawk, yes or no?



hello, we’re Sleater-Kinney [x]



sleater-kinney album covers

sleater-kinney (1995)
call the doctor (1996)
dig me out (1997)
the hot rock (1999)
all hands on the bad one (2000)
one beat (2002)
the woods (2005)

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my favorite line of a review of the podcast I’m on that mentions me: “Sam is a puzzle.”


i just want to be touched really hard

like by a car

hit me with a car